The Process of Effective Soil and Sediment Investigation

Reidar Zapf-Gilje & Guy Patrick GeoEnviroPro Many contaminated site remediation projects have failed to meet their technical goals and objectives because of an inadequate or incomplete...

Recent Advances in Slope Stability Analysis

Recent work has clarified the impact of two issues that have not been addressed in conventional slope stability analyses but can and should be included in modern slope stability analyses.

The Use of 3D Modelling for Environmental Site Assessment

It is not enough to make a 3D representation of something, if that representation is only skin deep.

The Unregulated Discharge of Pharmaceuticals in Sewerage

For many years we have heard of the potential for heavy metals and PCBs to be present in the fish that we eat. We are now discovering additional threats that have yet to be addressed, unregulated pharmaceuticals.


Geology Matters in Contaminated Land Management

By Jane Dottridge, David Jones, & Paul Nathanail Geology matters. It matters in all stages of risk-based management of contaminated soil and groundwater and features in...

City Council declares Cornhusker Ammunition Plant site blighted and substandard

In a 9-0 vote, with Councilwoman Julie Hehnke absent, the Grand Island City Council approved a...

Speller Metcalfe wins repeat business from Western Power Distribution

Speller Metcalfe has landed three depot refurbishment contracts from Western Power Distribution, together worth £9.7m. The individually...

EPA to dismantle rule that would protect drinking water for 117...

The Environmental Protection Agency is set to undo yet another Obama-era environmental regulation...

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Pennsylvania Supreme Court upholds broad interpretation of Environmental Rights Amendment

In a landmark environmental decision, a majority of Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court justices have...

Scottish Government targets 90% emission cut by 2050

New figures show Scotland hit its annual emissions reduction target for 2015, with...

CEA partners with Systematics International

In 2017, Systematics International, an independent data processing company, has taken control of the UK construction...

Residents concerned over health impacts from contaminated gun club

Landholders living near a gun club south of Ballarat say they have been left in the...

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